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In this one I want to show you how we can create a fully automated website using WayScript. We’ll create a webpage and connect it to our workflow to automate a contact me form.

Steps to this video.
1. Create the HTTP trigger, activate HTTP trigger, and specify path if wanted.
2. Add an image module and upload your image.
3. use the HTML module to pass your html code into the workflow, if you want to use the HTML code I used in this video, find it here:
4. Pass your HTML code to the HTTP Response

Want a contact me form?
1. Create an additional function on your workflow by pressing the « + » to the right of your main function
2. Add another HTTP trigger with a different path. Mine was /submit in this video.
3. Put Arguments you want into the HTTP Trigger, mine were the forms of the contact me html form.
4. Pass those HTTP arguments to a gmail module in the next step.
5. Place a new html module and put the code for the redirect page
6. HTTP response to the new html

If you need any help please leave a comment below and we’ll try our best.

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