Thomas’s official lyric video for the single ‘Get Over’.

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Lyrics :
i’ve been saving my skin from the sorrow, but
i’ve been drowning in your desperate truth, and i don’t know what to do now
i wanna bury the fate possessed in the ground
i wanna try and try until I achieve my purpose

cause of the last night
i feel like i’m the fate
of the one that don’t have
the time to get over
i’ve been saving myself from the pain
the world ain’t the one who’ll keeps me
get over

i’ve been praying to be the halfpart of you, but
i’ve been feeling like i am in a hurry
i wanna go to the past and retry again with another phrase
i wanna let myself wait and not being overwhelmed by the desire

the last night was a war
with another core
it was a foreign land
for them who ever tried
it’s sad but it’s true
if you listen to the news
the world’s not okay
and I’ll say something
I wanna go away

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