Bill Withers passed away last week and I wanted to make a tribute to this legendary artist. « Ain’t no sunshine » is one of the first song I learnt with my grand father when I was 6 or 7, and obviously it reminds me some special memories. I was not inspired to do something similar to Bill’s song, so I‘ve only kept the melody and a few elements from the original version to do my own one, changing the color of that tune. So for the purists, please don’t blame me for that! It is more a way to honor his legacy with a piece inspired by « Ain’t no sunshine » than a cover. Enjoy!

Drums/Bass/guitars/video/mix by myself.
Gear used:
Ibanez electric AR2619, Ibanez acoustic AE 900, Ibanez bass SR1800 Premium
Savarez strings
DVMicro 50 CMT Head from DVMark

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